Falcon is an integrated suite of products designed to manage Front Office, Back Office and Online operations of a Brokerage House.

Technical Design Criteria

  • High Security. 128 Bit Secured socket layer data transfer
  • High Reliability. Simulated testing under heavy operational load
  • High Configurability. Modular & Layered Architecture for flexibility
  • High Performance. Parallel processing engine to minimize order to confirmation time under simultaneous terminal use.
  • User Friendly operation with special consideration to Trader Community Conventions

Falcon trading website

Falcon website enables its customers to invest in the stock market and manage their portfolios online. It offers unique functionalities that ensure a very smooth trading experience, plus it lets them control and dictate their own investments. It allows Ready, Futures, and Spot trading and facilitates the customers with dedicated graph screens to track favorite stocks. Customizable market watches, price alerts, Email confirmation, integrated research and streaming news are also a part of Falcon web site.

Back office Application

The FALCON Back office application is designed to run at the brokerage house. It is a highly sophisticated application, tailored to meet the specific needs of individual brokerages. It allows them to deal with the intricate processes of clearing and settlement and management of their customers and their trading activities.

Trade Manager

Just like web site, Trade Manager is a client server application (KATS like interface) through which customers/traders can connect over the internet.

Risk Management System

It’s a pre-trade risk assessment and post trade risk management system with online position monitoring. It is Online and fully integrated with back office and trading systems. It allows auto Sell on predefined parameters and has flexibility to define rules.

Main Features

  • Online trading in Regular/Future/Spot market
  • Session/delivery trades
  • Cancel Orders
  • Mark Delivery
  • Customizable market watches, price alerts and Email confirmation
  • Multiple portfolio setups and views, real time market information
  • Dedicated graph screens to track favorite stocks
  • Integrated research and streaming news
  • Trade log imports
  • Clearing & Settlement
  • CDC Data Import
  • Billing Generation and cancellation
  • Shares movement Transaction configuration
  • Multilevel Chart of Account
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Tariff & Commission
  • Reports
  • Buy/Sell Detail & Summary Reports
  • Holding, Client Ledger, Commission Reports
  • User wise access rights of each entry
  • User wise access rights of operations within each entry
  • User wise access rights of each report
  • Group rights
  • Exception rights for a user

Software Infrastructure

  • Hosted Applications
  • Web Site
  • Market Watch
  • Feed Logging Service
  • Gateway Service
  • Trade Manager Server