Software Services

Software Services

Packaged Solutions

Itim Systems is technology agnostic and will suggest a solution based on the client’s specific requirements, processes and situation.

We can map and customize your requirements to a host of options available through either our own or our partner’s packaged solutions.

Itim Systems maintains core competencies in Microsoft, IBM, Oracle or Open Source technologies, from high level systems architecture to sophisticated programming skills. Our teams of highly trained and certified personnel achieve quick turnaround of projects, and ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

In recent years, packaged products have evolved to become viable alternatives to custom built solutions, and even preferred solutions in many applications. The functionality, robustness and best practices incorporated in some of the leading packaged products is impressive and represents millions of man hours of structured development effort.

Itim Systems combines Business Process Consulting, ERP Development, Systems Integration and Deployment and Training expertise to offer its clients end to end solutions based on integrated industry/company specific systems.

Our consultants can map your requirements and design a hybrid system based on custom developed and packaged products that best meet your needs.


Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke software development may be undertaken under following scenarios.

  • No existing software can be matched adequately to your requirement
  • Your specific IPR is designed to meet specific needs resulting in a distinct advantage
  • You are an Independent software vendor and wish to bring a product to the market

Itim Systems has the capability to deliver bespoke systems on a turnkey basis. From Specification (SRS) documentation, to business analysis to application design, programming and testing.

Many of our projects are custom developments. These are undertaken by clients under one or more of the following circumstances.

  • They cannot find application packages to meet their needs
  • Off the shelf packages are so over engineered that it is easier to develop a custom solutions to meet their specific needs
  • They have some unique IPR which gives them competitive advantage and they do not want to use generic packages
  • Mission critical system requirement. Mission critical systems often require a level of design quality and specificity only possible through a custom development process.

Bespoke Development Process.

The process starts with a request for proposal or request for information (RFP/RFI), and if the requirements are well defined, with a request for quotation (RFQ). Once we receive your information, our system analysts respond to your queries which include preliminary cost & time estimations.

We provide a high level of information security during any stage of discussions. A non disclosure document is signed at an appropriate time.

Once we have enough information to move further, Itim Systems Systems divides the process into six phases, namely:

  • Planning
  • Business prototype and requirements
  • Analysis and design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Delivery and support

Our role depends on the individal client needs. Here are some of the scenarios within which we can work:

Scenario 1 – Total Solutions Development

The scope of the system is not known. The requirements are likely to evolve over time.

Our Role…
Itim Systems will give a proposal with all the major business functions segregated into distinct development phases – wherever possible each phase will be quoted separately.

Each phase would be treated as a separate Time & Materials project starting from requirements analysis to deployment.

Scenario 2 – Solidify Requirements, Define Architecture, and Engineer

Requirements are defined but not fully documented. There is some consensus over user interface. The scope of the system is known.

Our Role…

Itim Systems will carry out an initial phase to detail and document the requirements of the system and the user interface design. We will propose a technical architecture and give a fixed price quote on the development of the system subject to prerequisite deliverables. When these prerequisites are undertaken by us they may take the form of a fixed price or a time & materials project – our bid will depend upon the clarity of the existing requirements.

Scenario 3 – Simply Software Engineering

Requirements have been analyzed and are documented. Business and program specifications are fully described. The technical architecture and user interface design have been signed off.

Our Role…

Itim Systems will provide a proposal describing the scope of the project, a description of each deliverable, their delivery dates and a fixed price quote.