Since the very beginning, we have offered world class support for our products in an effort to provide maximum value to our clients. Every day, a team of highly skilled support professionals and software developers provides technical support to our clients. Itim System’s ability to provide help when you need it is second to none.


Our policies and practices for supporting our clients with our software are based on their feedback and the following two principles:

  • Faster Solution :

We ensure that no time is waste once a support call is made by client. Our dedicated support personnel always resolve the clients’ queries and issues in least amount of time possible.

  •  Complete Solution :

We always focus on delivering a complete solution of issues raised by clients. This always resulted in the long term stability of overall product and the satisfaction of client.


Level of support indicates a specific extent of technical assistance in the total range of assistance that is provided with the software product. In general, we have organized our technical assistance/support in three levels:

Level 1: Typically, when a software user calls for technical assistance, a level 1 technician tries to answer all questions, which might include help with simple problems or general “how-to” questions.

Level 2: If the question is more complex, the user is passed on to the level 2 technician. Level 2 questions deals with advanced features and possible product bugs or failures.

Level 3: If the level 2 technician cannot help the caller, a level 3 technician is consulted either by the customer or by the level 2 technician. Sometimes additional research and investigation at this level might be required, which can take time.


Our dedicated support staff can be contacted at :

Tel : +92 111 200 123

Email :