System Analysis

System Analysis

A business/system analysis is a vital component of any successful business. Without taking the time to perform this procedure regularly, communication can break down between the IT department and business sector of a company. However, through learning how to perform a proper analysis of business/system, it should be possible to rid your company of any communication issues.

By learning how to implement business/system analysis, it should be possible to keep the communication channels open between the IT department and business sector. This will allow for the maximum level of productivity and prevent the failure that can result from lack of communication.

At Itim Systems, the system analysts break down the business model into tangible pieces of information. These tangible pieces of information will typically then be broken down into documents and diagrams that the programmers can understand. Thus, allowing the developers to concentrate on the coding work that they know best without worrying about the business model.

Our Business/System analysis department can:

  • Gain a very quick understanding of the business and its strategic drivers
  • Facilitate discussions to work out the business requirements that support the strategic drivers
  • Work out the shortcomings with existing processes and technology to work out how the business requirements are not being met.
  • Analyze and document the details of the requirements for the proposed solution based on inputs from key business people
  • Assist with the designing of solutions to meet these business requirements and ensure that the benefits of the solution are achieved.
  • Assist the business to test the solution to ensure that it meets their expectations and requirements
  • Assist the business to change to the new solution through training and communication with all impacted parties.


Requirements definition is the most crucial part of any system analysis activity. Incorrect, inaccurate, or excessive definition of requirements must necessarily result in schedule delays, wasted resources, or customer dissatisfaction.

Itim Systems can help you define the requirements, which actually fulfill your needs and are congruent with your organization. The requirements analysis begins with business or organizational modeling, which gets translated into project requirements.

Our models are like an engineer’s or architect’s blueprints. They ensure that we:

  • Examine the business need or opportunity
  • Write a clear statement of project objectives
  • Conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis
  • Document the results unambiguously in sufficient detail