The Retail Suite

TheĀ Retail Suite provides a best-in-class multi-channel sales platform for multi-channel retailers. It includes a single sales application for all channels, provides a single view of the customer, a single rich product catalogue, and sophisticated order routing to support order fulfillment from any location including suppliers.

The Retail Suite can also be described as a “Cloud-Based ERP” – the attraction being that a retailer’s core systems can all be run in a hosted environment therefore significantly reducing IT costs.

The Retail Suite is for retailers who have acknowledged that they have reached a juncture where their time and software investment should now be focused on achieving competitive advantage. It is the platform for multi-channel excellence and acknowledges and leverages the convergence of Customer, Product and Channel.

In short, we can describe The Retail Suite as a robust, feature rich, and cost effective end to end solution for retail business management.

Key features of The Retail Suite

  • Multi-channel, customer aware, architecture
  • Cloud based service proposition
  • Sophisticated Pricing and Promotions Management
  • Real time stock and transaction management
  • Cross channel customer data and multi-channel order routing
  • Simple integration of ‘home grown’ or third party functionality

Unlike other retail apps our solution is not constrained by legacy design and as such provides a flexible environment to facilitate functional innovation. Centralised and integrity checked core retail functionality is delivered as a cloud based service proposition. This combined with optional functionality for price and markdown optimisation, product information management (PIM), invoice processing and the ability to integrate home grown or third party apps such as planning and forecasting makes The Retail Suite the cost effective andĀ  functionally rich solution of choice.

System Functionality:

  • Multiple hierarchies, separate from category hierarchy
  • Channel/store based ranging
  • Channel/store based pricing and deals
  • Sophisticated promotions and markdown management
  • Stocked, non-stocked and bespoke items
  • Composite items, upsells and cross-sells
  • Rich product information
  • Multiple purchase order types are provided, inc. back-to-back
  • Single or multiple delivery locations/drops
  • Purchase ordering status progression controlled, based on user-defined status settings
  • Supplier product costs are maintained, and any variations to those costs are applied over user-definable periods of time
  • Stock availability visible across the entire enterprise
  • Store stock movements/counts recorded at the centre
  • Closed loop system, all stock movements accounted for
  • Price variations included in margin
  • Replenishment and allocation
  • Out of the box, ready to use
  • Comprehensive set of intelligent reports
  • Designed to answer specific queries, with the relevant selection criteria and/or ranking.
  • Deliveries, picking, stock and audit
  • Analysis across multiple hierarchies
  • Merchandise performance analysis
  • Store sales analysis
  • Best/worst sellers
  • Customer References